Mobility Products

Canes- adjustable height canes can improve balance and reduce fatigue. Travel canes can fold up and be carried in a travel case. Standard crook canes are lightweight and durable to help improve balance and reduce fatigue . Quad canes are used when there is a need for additional stability. Quad canes have a base with four legs affording greater stability than straight canes. Quad canes can be ordered with narrow or wide bases.

Crutches- Standard adjustable crutches are lightweight and easily adjust to size. Forearm crutches have contoured arm cuffs for extra comfort and stability.

Lifts/Seating Systems- Power lift chairs gently moves the person to a standing, seating, or reclined position.

Patient Lifts- (power or hydraulic) for assistance with patient transferring. Lift/commode is a FDA registered medical device, ideal for people with musculo-skeletal or neuromuscular limitations. It is motorized and designed to operate as a lift system and as an adjustable height commode. It can be used as a bedside commode (helps reduce bedpan use) or as a transfer system to move a person from a bed to a seated or standing position.

Ramps- portable ramps for wheelchairs and scooters roll up for easy carrying with storage bag. Scooter ramps have side rails and center panels that slide easily into place, locking securely to provide a solid drive surface. Suitcase ramps are convenient and compact, fold up easily and have a built-in carrying handle. Telescopic channel ramps each extend to be used on steps, vans, or curbs. For storage, simply pick up each rail and depress the guide buttons to collapse. Chair lifts allow you to lift and carry your power chair fully assembled.

Walkers- are available in a variety of styles to meet individual needs. Folding, adjustable walkers can be easily transported in vehicles. Hemi-walkers allow for one-hand utilization. Wheeled walkers minimize lifting. Many accessories, such as walker trays, baskets or pouches are available.